ProductsWhy choose RemoteCall?

The reason for choosing RemoteCall is clear.

RemoteCall is 100% secure,
relying on a SSL & 256-bit-AES encryption.

  • During the connection

    Customers must enter the connection code themselves to get connected.

    RemoteCall generates an one-time, random 6 digits code for each session. This code is passed to the customer and it must be entered manually and there is no other way for the support agent to access the remote device.

  • At the start of the session

    Customer MUST agree to the support and control agreement.

    Connection will be established after the customer explicitly agree to the support session and control of the device.
    A clear “Connected” message will be shown at the bottom during the entire session to alert the customer that their device is being accessed by the support agent.

  • During the support session(1)

    For those features accessing sensitive information, confirmation will be requested.

    Transfering a specific file or capturing the screen of the customer’s PC might be a sensitive issue.
    So, even the customer has agreed to the support agreement, a confirmation will be requested for those features when the support agent tries to use it. Option will take action only if the customer approves it.

  • During the support session(2)

    Customer can take the control back at anytime.

    At any time during remote support, customer can type or move PC keyboard or mouse to take control back, or touch the “screen lock” on the mobile to lock the screen. RemoteCall is a “customer-friendly” service so that they can receive remote support with confidence.

  • During the support session(3)

    Block a certain part (or all) of the screen.

    Customer can blind out a part of the screen if needed to protect sensitive information, for example messages or password.

  • At the end of session

    No footprint is left behind.

    Those modules and temporary files downloaded to get connected will be automatically DELETED from the customer’s PC leaving no trace of support and prevent any unwanted reconnection. There will be absolutely no connection unless the customer explitely enters a newly generated random 6 digits code.

  • Prior to the connection

    Set the individual access permission by ID or group.

    Manage the options to limit the access to the customer device by ID or by group.
    Access to private and sensitive information are protected and strictly managed and prevent from unwanted incidents.

RemoteCall is already no.1 product with trust and confidence.

It’s a product from Rsupport, withonly focus on remote

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  • Our own technology
    First in commercializing one-click remote support technologyFrom the beginning, RemoteCall was developed by Rsupport’s own technology, since then R&D has been the leader of the remote service industry and has more than 70 domestic and foreign patents related to IT and remote technology.
    One step ahead of technological trends
    RemoteCall making history of remote supportIn 2011, Rsupport launched the RemoteCall mobile pack responding to the smartphone trend that began in 2010.

    When IoT and smart home are starting to become popular around the world in 2015, Rsupport has already used RemoteCall visual pack, commercialized in 2013, to remote support IoT.
    The history of RemoteCall is the history of remote support.
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  • Faster response and reliable connection
    Automatic network switch for mobilesThe key of mobile support is to maintain the support and connection even when the device is on the move and network changes.
    RemoteCall automatically reconnects when the mobile Internet environment is changed during the remote support (3G/LTE ↔ Wi-Fi),
    enabling seamless and reliable remote support.
    Support to new OS
    Remote support for early adaptorsWe responds rapidly to the changing technology trends by providing product updates in advance to those new and updated OS for PC and mobile.