ProductsWhat is RemoteCall?

RemoteCall support all devices and sites remotely.

Remote Support allows you to connect to and control
to any device throughout the world.

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  • Remotely connect PC and other devices

    Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and all web browsers.
    Remotely access and control any computer from anywhere.

  • View and control

    View and control any device remotely.
    Work as if the device was in the palm of your hands.

Connection available from anywhere in any condition.

  • pc 원격 제어

    Supports all PC OS and web browsers

    “Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and all web browsers.
    Remotely access and control any computer from anywhere.”
  • mobile 원격제어

    Compatible with any Android or iOS device

    “Supports all major Android & iOS mobile carriers & manufacturers worldwide.
    RemoteCall, seamlessly control any mobile device anywhere.”
  • video 원격제어

    Support all site without visits

    Customers can stream a real-time video of the issue using their mobile devices camera.

Solve any problem quickly and easily

  • pc 공유
  • pc 공유
  • pc 공유
  • pc 공유

“Resolve problems while using the PC with RemoteCall”

  • Internet Service Providers

    When trying to quickly solve a customer’s problem that occurred while using a service in a company that provides Internet services

  • Public institutions

    When you want to support the Internet service of public institutions so that they can be used more safely and conveniently

  • Call centers

    To support customers more precisely and promptly with call centers that guide use and installation of PC software

  • On campus and office

    When trying to solve problems that occurred in each department’s PC quickly without visiting

  • 모바일 공유
  • 모바일 공유
  • 모바일 공유

“Resolve problems while using the Android and iOS with RemoteCall.”

  • Mobile service providers or manufacturers

    When supporting customer’s smartphone in real time

  • Mobile app service providers

    When trying to solve problems while using the application

  • Android-based devices

    When trying to service an Android-based device such as multi-function machine, smart TV, etc.

  • Mobility business environment

    When an employee tries to solve a problem on a smartphone or tablet

  • 영상 공유
  • 영상 공유
  • 영상 공유

“Resolve problems with appliances and on-sites.”

  • Home appliance manufacturers

    When immediate assistance is required to operate home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

  • All products requiring A / S

    Perform preliminary diagnosis of the problem before visiting for service reducing the revisiting times.

  • Car insurance companies

    When it is necessary to confirm on-site in real time in a tense situation such as a car accident

  • Hardware vendors

    When it is necessary to confirm the current status on installation and operation of various hardware.

RemoteCall is the key to the success of your business.

기업 비용 절감하는 리모트콜

Increase RemoteCall ROI to reduce company cost.

Introduce RemoteCall to solve problems faster.
Reduce human resource cost and travelling time.
Increase the value of your business with RemoteCall by reducing enterprise costs.
1위 제품 리모트콜

Increase service reliability and trust with RemoteCall

RemoteCall guarantees a stable service connection and is ready to recover quickly when the service stops.
This is a very important indicator that leads to a reduction in the cost of the company.
Add reliability to your business with RemoteCall.
업무 집중도

Improve the quality with no. 1 product, RemoteCall.

RemoteCall has the top share in Japan / Asia market occupying 1 million customers worldwide, with more than 1 million connected monthly.
The first place symbolizes confidence in product quality control and service management capability.
Through constant research and development of RemoteCall and unique technology force, we will make quality of value to your business more.

Select the RemoteCall that fits your enterprise environment.

Quick and easy introductionCloud (ASP) method

Get just the license IDs needed as a subscription for the period that you need.
There is no need for additional hardware by using RemoteCall’s server.

  • You lack space or resource to introduce additional equipment.
  • Avoid high introduction cost.
  • Use the secure RemoteCall cloud system.

Customized deployment to your needs.On-premise

Personalize the deployment to your company’s requirements.
Permanent licensing is provided with the deployment.

  • If you need to customize it for your business environment.
  • If you want to use your own security policy and proprietary network.
  • When multiple users need to connect and use simultaneously.