Differentiating factor against other tools.

Most popular features

  • Screen sharing

    Screen sharing

    Share PC and mobile screen remotely.

  • Mouse / keyboard control

    Mouse / keyboard control

    Locally control the mouse and keyboard of the remote PC.

  • Draw


    Draw or mark on the screen of the remote PC.

  • Screen capture / record

    Screen capture / record

    During a support session, screen can be recorded with the customer’s approval.

Secure, use it with confidence.

  • Remote support agreement

    Remote support agreement

    Obtain customer approval for support and access.

  • In-session approval (record / file transfer / session sharing / etc.)

    In-session approval (record / file transfer / session sharing / etc.)

    Permission will be requested to the customer to use the features during the session.

  • Lock viewer

    Lock viewer

    Lock the viewer screen during support.

  • Delete modules

    Delete modules

    Downloaded modules are automatically removed after the support.

  • Access password / limit access by IP

    Access password / limit access by IP

    Receive additional passwords or limit the access by IP.

As always, features designed to be user-friendly

  • Multiple connection

    Multiple connection

    Connect to multiple devices at the same time from a single sign in.

  • Send and receive files

    Send and receive files

    Send or receive files during remote support.

  • Voice / Text / Video Chat

    Voice / Text / Video Chat

    Communicate with the customer by voice / text / video.

  • Share / transfer session

    Share / transfer session

    Share or transfer connected clients with other support agents.

  • Remote reboot / reconnect

    Remote reboot / reconnect

    Reboot the remote PC and maintain the connection.

  • Special keys / Hotkeys

    Special keys / Hotkeys

    Use special keys such as Ctrl + Alt + Del.

  • Personalized connection page

    Personalized connection page

    Personalize the connection page to the customer’s theme and style.

Customized for each purpose

  • Multiple connection methods

    Multiple connection methods

    It offers connection by code or icon.

  • Reverse screen sharing

    Reverse screen sharing

    Show the support agent’s screen to the customer.

  • Record support agent's screen

    Record support agent’s screen

    Record support agent’s screen and store it centrally.

  • Remote sound

    Remote sound

    Support agent can listen to the sound output of the remote PC.

  • Multi-monitor


    Supports up to 6 displays on a single PC.

  • Control hard key

    Control hard key

    Access and control the hard keys (such as the power button) on the mobile device.

  • View app info

    View app info

    Display the apps installed on the device and their information.

  • System information

    System information

    View system information on mobile devices.

  • Flash ON / OFF

    Flash ON / OFF

    Control the camera flash of the smartphone.

  • Manual focus

    Manual focus

    Adjust the camera focus of the smartphone.

  • Picture quality

    Picture quality

    Adjust the picture quality of the live streaming from the remote device.

Smart management

  • Support report

    Support report

    Request the support agents to fill in the support report and store it centrally.

  • Individual permission settings

    Individual permission settings

    Grant privileges to only a specific ID individually.

  • Statistics


    Easily view support statistics by period.